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WPS Office for Linux Alpha18 Patch1 [2015-06-11]

What's new:

  1. Fixed Writer cause X server resources leak.
  2. Fixed Writer can't assign hotkey in Modify Style dialog (64bit version only).
  3. Fixed application shortcut place in others category rather than office.
  4. Fixed losses Document Summary infomation in reading encrypted documents.
  5. Fixed double click a document may open in new instance rather than existing one.



SHA1: 753d1843ec6cfd1fb6144c175cd31afc788c3224

SHA1: 8c593dd34baf0e481378ed696334e3d7f853906a

SHA1: b4adbfa7e50bedeeb5098371e481f6d2e7fa86c5

SHA1: 124287f4227af2f6416378a6389a18810fa07fa1

SHA1: d4b313b1a784ae40bedc014a90a1454387297a69

SHA1: 466906078f611e79b3c3fb66b14d6f0bb8ed5bdf

WPS Office for Linux Alpha18 [2015-05-13]

What's new:

  1. Mini Toolbar for quick access to formatting selected text.
  2. Spreadsheets supports interrupt calculation now.
  3. New Polish translation, thanks Andrzej KamiƄski. You can switch from Choose Language dialog.



SHA1: 39d7891473bb8517a70173a0888e6f7e3fa5cc78

SHA1: 568602dc962318f0b15f16024e992ff5768556e5

SHA1: 0562c28db73adf067e9ff2f9a2d704f1e161fa6f

SHA1: 614744e52a7c6af0413172b5b59f370746eedc9f

SHA1: dc7e0a034e506d884ef50661e4950de7219cfe54

SHA1: c447ebfbd5225f80119e93762a39dc3cad26a47b

WPS Office for Linux Alpha16 Patch3 [2014-12-05]

What's new:

  1. Fixed Spreadsheets formula unusable when decimal point is comma.
  2. Fixed Writer crashes when saving as docx file which contains OLE objects.


SHA1: ac849025e70c1e9ca23a05c54ad159f5a95b6d8c

SHA1: ed55818da1c563c9be79265a0440fc0bd2e662a9

SHA1: 4e4f11b59a7ad655d54abf44134d123342a263c6

WPS Office for Linux Alpha16 Patch2 [2014-11-14]

What's new:

  1. Fixed Presentation have extra margin on exported pdf file.
  2. Fixed Presentation losing text when pasting some html table.
  3. Fixed Spreadsheets doesn't works with comma decimal point.
  4. Fixed Spreadsheets "Remove Duplicates" not works fine.
  5. Fixed Spreadsheets "Move or Copy Sheet" not works fine.


SHA1: c2f8a6f7490ca668418f09afa80a61795909f10e

SHA1: cff5f2fb270c6793eff47c0af740cfd81c446132

SHA1: 1fcae9bf06d82bb67f4bee15bc4182691bf65aac

WPS Office for Linux Alpha16 Patch1 [2014-10-31]

What's new:

  1. Fixed unable change UI language on certain locales.
  2. Fixed Spreadsheets flicks when drag on cells.
  3. Fixed Spreadsheets prints with wrong paper size.
  4. Fixed Spreadsheets loses focus after opening file.
  5. Fixed some pdf related bugs


SHA1: e4648d59efa506506d6bf8670661e65e66030e33

SHA1: 233fcc1b53e0687d621124b0153d3c02ce8f88c8

SHA1: 6e800f02cda7547158fb80e820f163e9dd5db31e

WPS Office for Linux Alpha16 [2014-10-21]

What's new:

  1. New document compare tool for Writer.
  2. New Eye Protection Mode for Writer/Spreadsheets.
  3. Fixed fails opening DOCX file which needs password
  4. Fixed missing image when pasting in HTML format
  5. Fixed missing links when export to pdf
  6. Fixed unable to set paper size in Spreadsheets
  7. Fixed a crash when copy/move sheets in Spreadsheets
  8. Fixed invalid window state when startup with maximized on KDE



SHA1: a232c5545b17e0b9aeea80546e90b2e46a73395f

SHA1: 994d8dd29ba53eb6392e6a5ee4bf6dd3d8905642

SHA1: 7ec90d7dd75cd2783e5a7d4c578b70f288a57198

WPS Office for Linux Alpha15 [2014-08-15]

What's new:

  1. WPS Writer supports restrict editing now.
  2. WPS Writer can go back last editing position when you reopen the document.
  3. WPS Writer supports split window for easy reading.
  4. WPS Writer added mirror margins for printing.
  5. WPS Writer enhanced go to function.
  6. WPS Writer supports complex text layout now (testing).
  7. WPS Spreadsheets now supports share workbook.
  8. WPS Spreadsheets will give you the tips when typing a function.
  9. WPS Spreadsheets supports finding/replacing with format now.
  10. WPS Spreadsheets supports formula error checking now.



SHA1: aab2c84293ed3e8baf0ec3c164062d80df50e812

SHA1: c548da6be4618b3f8d60fbbc4485c028b702809c

SHA1: bcf82427f31141868c5d390352e175f4cfc797cf

SHA1: 894928a69ab46ce94932fa302aa9392b98eb0553

SHA1: 2ebfef6b9d2e7db79302cf84f6f185f6be1c7716

SHA1: 29c58a2d7ed5b4b73b876a88f0ef2b7a67527bba

SHA1: e1bf24a301c4b735f572b704a8c67ade35dfc650

SHA1: 422916c88d7968f9d1d247db72749af89d5f2aa9

SHA1: 4fb956eff300f0cf650779c4f19325eb0f77b0ea

SHA1: 519b27120a9f0ec868b3f43d775b3f212e481b91

SHA1: 24e6df77145ea8e81dc980c5def422c7835f7222

SHA1: fa3f8116c31a1fe0cc3242e54bee3422fcabbc66

SHA1: 47e3e4702412234f39e0cd04fd3dfe66782acff1

SHA1: f0625dead85827856797cbb5bb1d45ca342963d1

SHA1: a71afcf5a584e2faef5cb5fc6c7f52edfe38b446

SHA1: 76a0bd5d7a162b88a0f57de48a40580faa04a24d

SHA1: d27e6a4240e3df0fed4be3b9661df080a2ee4a28

Kingsoft Office for Linux Alpha12 Patch4 [2014-03-17]

What's new:

  1. Update End User License Agreement for Kingsoft Office.
  2. Fixed the issue that menu item cannot be highlighted when selected.
  3. Fixed the slow response issue when installing Kingsoft Office in the new version of Ubuntu.
  4. Fixed the issue that border line cannot show after saving and reopening in DOC file format.
  5. Fixed the line color missing issue in some shapes while saving in DOCX file format.
  6. Fixed the rotation angle reading error of character in the text box in PPT format file.
  7. Fixed the issue that cannot drag the slide using mouse in Kingsoft Presentation.
  8. Fixed the issue that cannot set the pattern effect for narrow horizontal and narrow vertical in Shape Fill in Kingsoft Presentation.


SHA1: 74809cf403d10dcfbcab96494756d43063b694b6

SHA1: 3a7137991e12b7288195540137e0c44a00047a95

SHA1: 6a59522f74e87a05370acfabc8b4cbe94bb79cda

Kingsoft Office for Linux Alpha12 Patch3 [2013-12-04]

What's new:

  1. Fixed the crash issue while checking the printer information after adding or deleting a printer during program run.
  2. Fixed Kingsoft Office was unable to open the specified file while dragging the file to the main editing area.
  3. Fixed Kingsoft Office was unable to add custom spelling check dictionary of Hunspell format.
  4. Fixed European character with 'All Cap' setting not take effect in Kingsoft Office.
  5. Fixed the crash issue caused by error text string format in some cases.
  6. Fixed the text display issue when some controls access to the wrong color in some specific system color theme.
  7. Fixed the suffix of the file name cannot be changed according to the selected file format in the native Save As dialog of Gnome desktop.
  8. Fixed the values error of the width and height for images while saving as DOCX format in specific language area environment in Kingsoft Writer.
  9. Fixed images missing while saving as MHT files format in Kingsoft Writer.
  10. Fixed no recovery modify flags and editing view issue when file recovery after a crash in Kingsoft Writer.
  11. Fixed the issue of not filtering CJK vocabularies that are not supported when checking spelling in Kingsoft Presentation.
  12. Fixed content is empty when pasting text in HTML format in Kingsoft Presentation.
  13. Fixed the crash issue while opening some specific files with charts in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.


SHA1: 17ec28b5e4a765c36ad6775c6a7e83aa39753018

SHA1: f0b29bf441875fb1760962dc116499054b839c94

SHA1: a7f504791c10fc05bafb1b5697ffdfa9fd68ad9a

Kingsoft Office for Linux Alpha12 Patch2 [2013-10-28]

What's new:

  1. Added: Restore the sense of crashing.
  2. Added: Add a language option of Follow system locale.
  3. Added: Add Insert Forms function in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
  4. Fixed: Kingsoft Office crashed when inserting the 32bits bitmap file.
  5. Fixed: Kingsoft Office do not support Linux symbol link and physical link.
  6. Fixed: The Recent Documents function do not work when using unity desktop.
  7. Fixed: Vertical artwords cannot render alphabets correctly.
  8. Fixed: Table height error when copy table from Kingsoft Spreadsheets to Kingsoft Writer by RTF format.
  9. Fixed: Missing some formulae in Kingsoft Writer.
  10. Fixed: Missing the Match case option in Find dialog in Kingsoft Writer.
  11. Fixed: Kingsoft Spreadsheets crashed when copying shapes from Kingsoft Writer.
  12. Fixed: Cannot insert Cross-reference footnote in Chinese version of Kingsoft Writer.
  13. Fixed: The Simplified and Traditional Chinese conversion function cannot work after copying the data by RTF format in Kingsoft Writer.
  14. Fixed: Cannot play sound in special PPTX files.
  15. Fixed: Kingsoft Spreadsheets crashed when system printer driver is not completed.
  16. Fixed: Lacking of text in a textbox when saving as ET/XLS formats in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
  17. Fixed: Cannot correct drawing combined shapes in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
  18. Fixed: Cannot read XLSX in some regions which using comma as decimal point.
  19. Fixed: The Iteration calculation function cannot work in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
  20. Fixed: Cannot modify styles in Chinese verison of Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
  21. Fixed: Cross-workbook references update error in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
  22. Fixed: Lacking of hyperlinks when saving as XLS format in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.


SHA1: c38a4614d9257213f5a907a7278002db228abf16

SHA1: be3b009f1d1fdf125ece48f4bd8448c1d2675a9f

SHA1: 8ef9ccafbbba6a03be5ccf505451d140dbcec7d2

Kingsoft Office for Linux Alpha12 Patch1 [2013-09-18]

What's new:

  1. Added: Upgrade notice.
  2. Fixed: Dirty flag update error in Kingsoft Presentation.
  3. Fixed: Spelling recognition error when user add multiple custom dictionaries.
  4. Fixed: The option of shape right margin distance from text cannot work in Kingsoft Writer.
  5. Fixed: Cannot insert any function from Insert Function dialog in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
  6. Fixed: Crash when playing special video in Kingsoft Presentation.
  7. Fixed: Crash when using searchb function in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.



SHA1: 77bc43e4523fced71f86a73a49ccd86362b711c8

SHA1: 80650080e1710bdeadf96ce2956e9f5af00d3603

SHA1: afa7cc42ede1824caea7c2db3c5fc541c4b12698

Kingsoft Office for Linux Alpha12 [2013-09-10]

What's new:

  1. Added: Saving as Microsoft Word 2007/2010 format files in Kingsoft Writer
  2. Added: Reading and saving as Rich Text Format files in Kingsoft Writer
  3. Added: Reading Microsoft Word 2003 XML files in Kingsoft Writer
  4. Added: Added solver function in Kingsoft Spreadsheets
  5. Added: Supported date and number formats in different locales in Kingsoft Spreadsheets
  6. Added: Added owner-draw title-bar function and switching user interface freely between system style and owner-draw style
  7. Added: Optimized the clipboard interaction between different programs
  8. Added: Supported installing internationalization resource to user directory
  9. Added: Supported geting the user name from the system automatically when user name is not set
  10. Added: Added fallback language support
  11. Added: Added RTL user interface layout support(Experimental)
  12. Fixed: Cannot activate main window when user double click files
  13. Fixed: Cannot saving as Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 files format on CIFS file system
  14. Fixed: Missing pictures when reading Microsoft Word 2007/2010 files format in Kingsoft Writer


SHA1: 2769cf7dda2ce28ef5ab60d230f5876e080c8ceb

SHA1: 80a5cf55cc15ee6685fc0418dea425fff7cce539

SHA1: 95507eb7375bca519af6b71c58b51ab1aaf28c0d

Kingsoft Office for Linux Alpha11 Patch3 [2013-08-06]

What's new:

  1. Added: A user-friendly way to install dictionaries for spell checker.
  2. Added: Pre-edit support. (Enhanced Korean and Japanese input support)
  3. Fixed: Cannot use native Open/Save Dialog in Mate desktop environment.
  4. Fixed: Cannot save to cifs file system.
  5. Fixed: Cannot show user custom splash when using a custom skin.
  6. Fixed: Cannot add new words to custom dictionary.
  7. Fixed: Cannot use mouse wheel when using the shortcut to the main menu.
  8. Fixed: Some hyperlinks invalid in Kingsoft Presentation.
  9. Fixed: Cannot use European symbols in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
  10. Fixed: Print page number error in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
  11. Fixed: Cannot open "Options Dialog" when there is no active document in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
  12. Fixed: Cannot group and un-group multiple times in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.


SHA1: 53c30d9e70eccdc90bfca05e76d6ff866b463476

SHA1: 5208aa6f0b275767b5fc3ae4368abf57cf131e5e

SHA1: ee7e84f7eff465d5b100f56784e1e6684b4560c5

Kingsoft Office for Linux Alpha11 Patch2 [2013-07-23]

What's new:

  1. Added: Check Spelling for non-English language.
  2. Fixed: Cannot use native Open and Save dialog boxes in KDE.
  3. Fixed: Printer settings do not take effect in Kingsoft Office.
  4. Fixed: Cannot open PDF file directly after exporting to PDF.
  5. Fixed: Cannot launch multi-instances of the same component in same user with different X desktops.
  6. Fixed: Missing File button on the Insert tab.
  7. Fixed: Incorrect formula result when insert a formula to the table in Kingsoft Writer.


SHA1: 470e5f35e229f199b364150d4ea997e46a1fa6ce

SHA1: 6dfa756eba2c0254e1f6467285f9096108bdbf9f

SHA1: 5e0eac4f2f57e0dbf27cdbe1762619d82e7822c1

Kingsoft Office for Linux Alpha11 Patch1 [2013-07-11]

What's new:

  1. Fixed: The program crashed when change some options in options dialog without open a document.


SHA1: b94b6f5c86952b26352795834cfe1964da9ff91f

SHA1: 3a4fe35f43881c210b6e21e191f7fbbe67a45bbc

SHA1: e608427fede90fc7f4ae9f4c7bfe64b73b836a8a

Kingsoft Office for Linux Alpha11 [2013-07-10]

What's new:

  1. Added: Supported PivotTable function in Kingsoft Spreatsheets.
  2. Changed: Unified the templates dir to ~/.kingsoft/templates
  3. Fixed: The program crashed when pass a relative file path to program by command line.
  4. Fixed: Cannot create another instance of the program when use a different account in Kingsoft Writer and Kingsoft Presentation.
  5. Fixed: Cannot to match fonts in different locales.
  6. Fixed: Missing option "disable the online templates auto-start". Now you can set it at "Options->General and Save->Open mode".
  7. Fixed: The width of WordArt control adapted to the dialog size.
  8. Fixed: Cannot open options dialog when current document do not exist in Kingsoft Writer and Kingsoft Presentation.
  9. Fixed: Cannot storage settings about font and style to normal template in Kingsoft Writer.
  10. Fixed: Missing option "Auto convert straight quote to curly quote" in Kingsoft Writer.
  11. Fixed: Cannot hide Grid and Guides in Kingsoft Presentation.
  12. Fixed: Kingsoft Presentation deadloop when playing sound in certain situations.
  13. Fixed: Cannot set default layout of slides in English version in Kingsoft Presentation.
  14. Fixed: Error in calculating charactor width when using a font which is not exist in system in Kingsoft Spreatsheets.
  15. Fixed: The view will scroll to top-right after finishing editing in the case of non-100% zoom.



SHA1: 70e46f3a4124f7e6ef7542d84632c40c48a579cc

SHA1: 45d5e3213477c9d7055072d6401258847709a69b

SHA1: 58ed3d3be6bc3c1283bb0393229b6152d764d2e7

Kingsoft Office for Linux Alpha10 [2013-05-16]

What's new:

  1. New 2013 user interface
  2. Add muilti language choose support
  3. Spreetsheets: Add chart support(readonly currently)
  4. Spreetsheets: Add txt, csv and prn file format multi text encoding support
  5. Spreetsheets: Add xml file format support
  6. Spreetsheets: Add xlsx's file crypt support
  7. Writer: Add txt file format multi text encoding support
  8. Fixup spreetsheets open xlsx lost some of autoshapes's filling
  9. Fixup can not open file that's name contains '\'
  10. Fixup presentation crashed when insert special background music



SHA1: 6744c142eaea4af06e8f7d0e0cdd6c25c973ffbb

SHA1: 86d8051fe55796d8a49eec32fbbdb9cf0b759827

SHA1: 8a71ac00c8e22fa43d75379b215038807fc4d503

Kingsoft Office for Linux Beta1 [2013-01-31]

What's new:

  1. Fixup spreetsheets crashed when cuts&pastes cross files or tables
  2. Fixup presentation can not insert and play music
  3. Fixup presentation crashed when click the sound image target
  4. Fixup all products' problem that can not open https and mailto's Hyperlinks
  5. Fixup wps forward compatibility menu button's update error while moveing out the mouse



SHA1: f20411b3c3953f4a254fa2789a0e93093045d862

SHA1: 605cbca3724e0b88441477c8a53f2b1451bbe169

SHA1: 0993024d409759bfb05da42c5603228d1dd8c21b