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WPS Community only provide Linux version, you can download windows version here.

WPS Office for Linux[2018-09-11]

What's new:

  1. Support users' online feedback
  2. Support Chinese and English language switching
  3. WPS Writer and WPS Presentation, supporting editing of 15 SmartArt types
  4. Support custom quick access toolbar
  5. Support Manual directory function, which can be inserted without setting outline level
  6. Support "text sort" and "table sort"
  7. Support printing background color, pictures and setting Web format background
  8. Support automatic text collection
  9. Support artistic page borders
  10. Support to accept/reject format revisions
  11. Support to keep source format paste within process
  12. The new pivot table kernel supports grouping, calculation items, calculation fields, table style, slicer and other functions
  13. Support pivot chart
  14. Support automatic filtering - color sorting
  15. Monochrome printing is supported in page Settings
  16. Support sharing workbook
  17. Print the entire workbook under the print preview TAB
  18. The digital format supports the locale
  19. Support custom views
  20. Support to read and play the animation of smartart child nodes
  21. Support "font preview" function
  22. Combine audio and background music entry, add audio tools TAB, and adjust media object toolbar synchronously
  23. Support batch delete remarks function
  24. In the comments pane of the speaker view, add the zoom button and adjust the text size
  25. Support to insert media embedded into documents through the interface entrance