Announcements is 2 years old

In a twinkle, is 2 years old.
2 years ago, many many things are changed.
We are very happy, WPS for Linux is still alive, and be better.
In this memorable day, we re-design
May WPS for Linux will be better and better, tomorrow!

WPS Community Team.

WPS for Linux A15 is Released

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the almost half year blanking period of KSO/WPS for Linux. Even though we've been delayed by some reasons, today we're really excited to announce that WPS for Linux a15 has been released. From a15 We formally unified our brand. We will use the new logo - WPS. The new logo expresses our new cognition of office productivity suite - Easy, Collaborative and Joyful. We've launched our new official website - (The sites of communities remain the same.) This is a new start for us. We hope that our products could bring you happy.

We shiped WPS for Linux a15 with many new features, such as: Complex text layout, editing restriction, last editing position, splitting window ... For more details, you can access our download page.

Notes: Because of the renaming, you first need to do uninstallation if you've installed old versions.

Come and try it out!

Kingsoft Office for Linux A12 is Released

Hi Everyone,

I'm very happy to tell you good news. Kingsoft Office for Linux A12 has been released with many new features.

In this new version, we are able to support more file formats, including docx(rw), rtf(rw), xml(ro), enabling you to be able to swap files with more partners.

A more modern owner-draw title bar is enabled in this version. It looks more unified. Taking into account the needs of some users, we also retain the option to enable you to freely switch between system title bar and owner-draw title bar.

Kingsoft Office for Linux A12 contains many detail improvements. Improvements bring a better user experience. For example, it will automatically switch to present the desktop when the user double clicks to open files.

For more details, you can read our release notes in download page.

Interesting in A12? Get it now.

The translation resources of KSO/WPS are prepared

Hello everyone,

The translation resources of KSO/WPS are prepared and made public on Github, now. If you are interested in translating KSO/WPS, you can click 'Dev' on the header of our website.

More official supported language resources, incl. Japanese and Traditional Chinese, are also made public. If you want to install them, you also need to click 'Dev' on the header of our website to get them. We will add a normal way to install language support later, but currently this is the only way.

Thanks to volunteers. Thanks to everybody. We will do our best to make KSO/WPS better.

KSO/WPS for Linux x64 version achieved a breakthrough

Today, we want to tell everyone a good news. We achieved a breakthrough about porting KSO/WPS to x64 machine.

30 minutes ago, Mr. Zhuo, one of our team members, showed us that Kingsoft Presentation is runing under ubuntu 13.04 x64 version without multi-arch libs. That's really an exciting display, although only one of the components was launched successfully and there are so many silly bugs.

Thank Mr. Zhuo for his tireless efforts.

More Detail...

Kingsoft Office/WPS for Linux A11 Released

Kingsoft Office/WPS for Linux A11 has released on Jul 10, 2013.

In this version, we added the following features: Added a PivotTable function in Kingsoft Spreadsheets; Greatly improved font matching under Linux; Improved appearance of the English interface; Fixed a series of bug.

For more details, visit our download page.

Warmly celebrate the WPS Community website launched

With the help of all our friends, the WPS International Community website finally launched.

We hope this site can become a bridge to connect us with more friends. No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, as long as we share a common interest, we can be friends here.

Here, we want to hear from more friends all over the world. Here, we want to hear from those who work for the open source community. Here, we want to hear from those who are using Linux or other Unix-like system. Here, we want to create a more comfortable office suite. Here, we want to give back to the whole open source community.

At last, we sincerely hope that we can combine our efforts and our thinking with everyone's contribution to make a world-class office suite.