We Need Your Help

The WPS Community team is a small group working to develop the Linux edition of WPS Office (formerly known as Kingsoft Office).

The more people outside of China that show interest in our work the more resources we get to continue development. We do our

best to anticipate user's needs but we would really like to hear from you what we're doing right, changes you would like to see,

or about any new feature suggestions. Let us know you are behind us. Hearing from users motivates us and lets us know how we

may succeed by helping others.

With a familiar look and feel, anyone familiar with Microsoft Office will feel right at home with WPS Office.

Help us get the word out that Linux users now have a real choice in professional office suites.

Share your feedback with us on the WPS Community forum at http://wps-community.org/forum/ or join our group on Google: wps4linux

If you want to help, or have an idea for how to raise awareness of WPS Office, please let us know.

To everyone that has contributed to this project, we are very grateful.