TomTom is a multinational company of navigation technology. This company provides one of the best navigation systems around the world. Updating the GPS time to time will help you to avail the best features.
Steps to Update TomTom One XL Map
1. Launch the TomTom Home software, if you don’t have it download and install the same from the official website.
2. Connect the TomTom device to your computer and make sure that it is switched on.
3. Connect both the device by using Original USB cable.
4. Click on the update my device button on the top of the screen.
5. Then the device will search for an update and will display if there any.
6. Make sure a new application is selected and then click the download button.
7. As the device finds the updates, a list of any applicable updates will be displayed.
8. In case, there is a new application available, it will be listed on the next screen of the software.
9. The device will start downloading your selected applications.
10. Start installing the downloaded files.
11. As installation completes you are ready to use the device after disconnecting from the computer.
Thus, these are the steps to update the TomTom device. User may come across uncommon issues, for such issues visit our website.