Avast Antivirus is one of the internet security applications that secure the device of its users against the online threats like viruses, spyware, malware and other cyber threats. The Avast antivirus software are available to its users of different platforms (like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS) as free versions as well as proprietary versions. Some of the popular services involved in the Avast Antivirus software are Computer security, firewall, anti-phishing, anti-malware and many more.Sometimes the users may face some common errors or issues while executing the Avast antivirus on their systems or devices. And one such run-time errors is Avast Antivirus Error Code 1068. The information mentioned below contains the detail about the troubleshooting steps for resolving the Avast Error code 1068, easily.

The Avast Antivirus Error Code is mostly caused due to the following reasons mentioned below:

Incomplete installation of the Avast antivirus.
Avast antivirus software being downloaded incorrectly.
The installation files of the Avast antivirus software being accidentally deleted by some other programs.
The registry files of the system being corrupted.