Step 1: Open your web browser and search for official McAfee website

Step 2: Click on 'My Account' option and enter your login details

Create an account if you are not an existing user
Click on 'Register now'
Fill all the required details and follow the instructions
(TIP: While you choose a password, make sure it is strong by combining it symbols, upper & lower case letters and digits)
Proceed to create the account
Step 3: After logging in to your account, find and click on Download button

Step 4: Select your device type and Run the installation of McAfee for your selected device

Step 5: Have a thorough look on the License Agreement before you choose to step further (The conformity to their terms and policy is essential as you won't be able to install it without your agreement.)

Step 6: Copy-Past or save the serial number safely which is shown on the tab as you might need it further (You can also keep the tab open so you can simply note it down on the page where it is required)

Step 7: Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to install McAfee antivirus

McAfee Activate If the installation fails on your Windows PC, you might need to download and install Pre-install tool that comes in (Pre-Install_Tool.exe) .exe file extension. This will save the file at a temporary location, such as your desktop. Or otherwise, you can simply get help from McAfee customer support to resolve any installation issue.