Feedback to Kingsoft Office/WPS Office for Linux.
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Xoxi Xiola (Mon Jun 13, 2016 12:20 pm) wrote: WPS for linux is now abandoned and discontinued. It will not return. It's not temporary, this project is already dead. Time to say good bye.

Also, all releases are removed to prevent user from downloading and using it. WPS community website will be closed soon.

I do not know whether this is true. I don't know how soon is "soon" neither. It was posted even before latest download was put up on site (WPS Office for Linux Alpha21[2016-06-24]).

Can someone from "former?" DEV team or project leader update information of the subject? I would not like it being abandoned for sure, but if it is, please write it with big red letters so noone is confused.

thanks and regards
Extremely troubling report.

It would do the Kingsoft people in China some good public relations to at least come forward and announce this ahead of time and give those who truly love the app to find alternatives like using CrossOver to run WPS under Linux if not go back to Windows.

Jim in NYC
Well, it's dead. It's not possible to install WPS office on any modern distro. Dependencies are set to packages, that are deprecated and don't exist anymore (libpng12 on recent Ubuntu/Debian for example).

No updates since 6 months. RIP WPS Linux.
I use WPS in Ubuntu 16.10, so it's still no dead
You can install libpng12 from here: ... 4-1ubuntu1

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