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Today, we want to tell every one a good news. We achieved a breakthrough about
porting KSO/WPS to x64 machine.

30 minutes ago, Mr. Zhuo, one of our team members, show us that Kingsoft
Presentation is runing under ubuntu 13.04 x64 version without multi-arch libs.
That's really an exciting display, althrough only one of conponents is launched
successly and there are full of silly bugs.

Thank Mr. Zhuo for his tireless efforts.

(1.17 MiB) Downloaded 3 times

(1.2 MiB) Downloaded 3 times
congratulations, keep going!
congratulations! thanks for all your hard work!
sounds promising, good job!
Very well done!
Good work, Mr. Zhou! I hope you were aptly rewarded!

Jim in NYC USA
Great news...I will be patiently counting the have this new X64 version a try in my laptop :D
"The best code always wins the argument"
Do you guys have any idea when the 64 bit Linux version of your Office Suite will be released?
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