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UK government officially adopts Open Document Format
Microsoft insurgency fails, earns snarky remark from UK digital services head
Simon Sharwood The Register 23 Jul 2014

The United Kingdom government has formally adopted the open document format (ODF) as the standard format for government documents.

The announcement says PDF/A or HTML are now the standard “for viewing government” while ODF is now expected “for sharing or collaborating on government documents.”

There's some pointed language in the announcement, which includes a canned quote from Mike Bracken, executive director of the Government Digital Service to the effect that “Using an open standard will mean people won’t have costs imposed on them just to view or work with information from government.”

That language can easily be interpreted as a not-so-veiled swipe at Microsoft, which tried to mobilise its UK partners to oppose the ODF push on the grounds that open source tools can already handle Redmond's preferred OpenXML format. Bracken seems to be making the point that a decision to go with ODF means citizens can get their hands on free software designed to work with ODF, rather than having to purchase commercial products.

Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude's canned quote says “We have listened to those who told us that open standards will reduce their costs and make it easier to work with government”.

The new standards came into effect immediately, and the Government Digital Service “will work with departments to publish guidance and implementation plans.”
It's still hard to believe that the makers of WPS Office are handcuffing what could be a great product through the lack of odf support. Without it, WPS is still perceived as an MS Office clone that looks better than Libre/OpenOffice, hardly a ringing endorsement.

I can't say how many times I've read that if LibreOffice had WPS's UI it would take off in popularity and usage. IMO and through using both I don't think one has the advantage over the other in opening MS formats despite what the WPS people want us to believe. And of course there, to my knowledge, has never been any comprehensive tests to tell if that is true or not.
Now the british government decided to use ODF as its standard format. That's a new reason for developing ODF format for WPS office? To me, if WPS should support ODF it would be my office package.
I think a lot of Linux users would use WPS, when WPS supports ODF. You can wait for more Linux users before making ODF available in WPS, but I think it is the other way around. You can not expect Linux users start using WPS without ODF.
As stated before, a plug-in architecture would greatly increase community involvement and a user base. Microsoft got Open Document support through a community plug-in. They funded it when the effort was started of course, but it is more important to me, and I hope others agree, to for the Linux team to achieve parity with the Windows version. If given the opportunity the community will step up and provide OD read and write support. At the worst it is only a wrapper script to the existing OO/LO library that provides this in OO/LO. Gratitude would be given if the bike shed was not reinvented and improvements were put back into the library.
how about simply pop up a wizard asking for import and convert the file into RTF when open it for the first time?
Please support ODF!
Is there any odf-Support for Linux yet? I know that there is a working plugin for the Windows-version, but still nothing comparable on linux. I would love to use WPS office but am held back by the absence of odf-support.
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