To clean, you need to attend to the programs that will create and store your important information. Below mentions are the tips to keep your device clean with Norton:-

Back up your data: You must back up your data on a regular basis. You can replace a laptop or tablet but the information inside it is irreplaceable. To secure your data you must have Norton setup, which you can install from
Protection against malware: Norton Internet security software ensures that any sort of viruses and malware don’t get in and create havoc on your information or steal your identity. You can download Norton Internet security software from
Update your software: Outdated software is particularly prone to malware. Updating your software is necessary because most updates are created in order to keep the software safe.
Cleaning up your digital life: It is time to delete that digital dust including those programs, which you do not use and have become unimportant files and are littering your desktop. For this, you can get organized by categorizing your files and folders on the desktop and you can update your passwords using Norton Identity Safe. You can also download Norton Identity Safe from this link norton setup.