Let us now discuss the solution to this annoying issue so that work can be restored in a quick and reliable way.
1. To fix this problem, the first step is to setup SBCGlobal net login email in the right way.
2. Open settings on your Mac computer.
3. There will be an option named ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’, which you need to select and then, choose ‘accounts’.
4. You are going to get the list of all account types from which you can select the option for ‘add account’.
5. There will be an option named ‘other’ which you need to click in order to open a new account form. Then, select ‘add mail account’ option from the list.
6. In the email field, type in your SBC mail password and in the password field, type in the password for your SBCGlobal email.
7. You will be asked to write a description for this email account as well, so you can type ‘SBCGlobal’ in the description field.
8. Click ‘Next’ and choose the option ‘POP’ at the bottom of the screen.
9. Select ‘inbound.att.net’ under the hostname.
10. In the username field, you should enter your SBC Yahoo login email address and in the password field, type in the password to the corresponding email.
11. Click ‘Next’ option, which will bring you to the outgoing email server option, where you will have to type ‘outbound.att.net’.

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