Users are switching from personal computer to a smartphone and so are all the services they need. One of the most essential needs for today’s generation is MS Office applications. Staying updated with all the ongoing office works, managing sheets, and many other tasks can be done in a handy way when you have a smartphone. For users who use Windows smartphone have an added benefit of accessing MS Office on their handset.

For those who rely on Microsoft Office setup 2010 version, faces a lot of doubts about the tools if all are accessible or not. Whether or not, but you need to synchronize your Office account with Windows Mobile device. This will help your update Outlook contacts and calendar information, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents that you require on your Windows phone.

You can easily create the sync process with Windows Mobile device of different versions of Microsoft You can synchronize Office setup 2000 to 2007 – but when it comes to MS Office 2010, the version is presently available in the beta version of its productivity suite. Only the desktop version of Outlook provides to run true integration multiple extensions such as XLS, XLSX, DOC, and DOCX that might not be accessible on a mobile phone.