According to a new government report, the United State (US) technically need to rethink its approaches for preventing or stopping cyber attacks and should develop an altered approach to deterring both of its key adversaries.

Recently, the report was published by the US State Department, last year, President Donald Trump signed a recent paper on botnets that comes in response to an executive order, and which also called for a report “on the strategic nation’s options for deterring the adversaries and for better protecting the people of America from cyber threats.”

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The US has now become dependent upon complicated network information systems; its competitors have been learning to exploit that confidence to “steal from Americans, dislocate their lives, and make insecurity nationally and instability around the world,” the report said.

However, the cyber threat created by the rival states and by Russia, Iran China, and North Korea and is frequently alluded by the intelligence agencies, but still, the US and its associates have made great efforts to discover an approach to deter these cyber intrusions.