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Hello, first of all, thanks, it's great app.
I use hebrew lang vary often, please add some suuport. i can't read or write hebrew in your app.
+ i'm an engineer, i need some plugin for formulas, please add smth. if it will be same to MathType it will be greate!!!
Hi Constantine.

Welcome to Kingsoft WPS Community.
We are interested in porting WPS to support Hebrew.
But we are all living without Hebrew.
Could you give us some data about Hebrew.
For example: alphabet, tutorial, photo(keyboard, handwriting, printed page, cultural, etc)

If you known some features about Hebrew, tell us, it's more helpful.

Best regards
Currently i'am into localization of Russian GUI of WPS, but i learned some Hebrew while studying in Israel for almost 3 years. So, there are some resources that may help -
2. Keyboard layout -
3. Handwring -
4. Document in Hebrew to print -


And here is the alphabet -
Please, note, that though i could provide some basic help with Hebrew related issue, this language - which is relatively young and still in developing while being the oldest of spoken ones - is very difficult to localize!


Any news regardes the hebrew setuation ???
Your point of view is correct, I think so, and you can make friends with you, we exchange exchanges
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