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Congratulations and Thank you very much for your two years of WPS fro linux. It is a great tool which works really well (better than all other free alternatives). I wish you can continue with the excellent work you are doing.

I would very much like to support you by paying a license but I am a student, and for me this is not possible at the moment. However, I will donate some amount within my possibilities to thank you for the great tool that you have made and which is really helping me to do my homework efficiently (no detectable bugs, no crashes, no freezing the system, great interface, good compatibility with MS OFFICE - Really great tool).

Thank you very much and Congratulations!
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WPS is a delight to use. I have been promoting wps at the Unfortunately the Forum only allows promotion of Free software.

Perhaps you can put a few words together and I will repost to that site and see if it will persist.
Cake is always the need and deed of a party or celebration. This is a very well-known fact but above this there is something more important and it is the significance of cake in making up relations. If you need to perk up the mood of someone very dear to you, then a cake delight is something that you seriously need. Fetching the relationship terms with sweet cake surprise is something that you actually need. In case you are supposed to make up the mood of something who is very special for you, and you are looking for a thing above then cake, then the delight of cupcake is all what you require.
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Cupcake is a sweet representation of cake. Available in a very presentable manner it is something that you must try if not tried it yet. There are many special moments when there is a requirement of cake. Sometimes you don’t need any occasion to celebrate with cake.
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When there is cake on the top then the occasion itself becomes a celebration. Coming to the delight of cupcake for an occasion, then it is the sweetest that you can have on the party counter. Not only for a friendly occasion, but the delight of cupcake goes well when you want to celebrate on the go. There is certainly no doubt in this that carrying cake is just like a mission.
If you are doing it by self, then taking the cake from bakery shop till your home needs a lot of attention. If you want to just keep it in your car and move on then also it is full of complication. But, if in place of cake you will go with the sweet delight of cupcake then you can definitely make a rough move. You can find everything in a cupcake just like a cake. Whether it’s the creaminess, fluffiness or sweetness everything is there in a cup cake. One of the biggest reason to go for cupcake rather than choosing cake is that the size of party.
If it is a celebration between only a handful of people then a big cake is totally a waste. Special cupcakes will furnish everyone needs. The best thing about cupcake that separates it from the normal cake is the vibrancy in design. In a single cake there is only one design, but if you want vibrancy in your presentation then only cupcake will furnish you with the same. You can even surprise your dear ones with online cake and perk up their mood in a beautiful manner.
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The day of birth is not only significant for the star attraction of the day but others who are associated also celebrate the moment with great zest and zeal. There are different ways of celebrating birthdays. Depending on the age group the birthday celebration varies, but one thing that always remains common in all birthday celebrations is cake. Cake is the gesture of sharing happiness and joy with the guests of the day. All those who are special became the contributors in happiness of the birthday star. But when the birthday of someone very special is celebrated then the full focus is on to making the event grand. If you have a little angel at your home and you are supposed to make the event the most beautiful moment of your life then you need to focus on two things very seriously, one is birthday cake and other is birthday gift.
Children are very prominent about the cake. They always look forward for a beautiful cake just like they have seen at their friend’s place. And in case they don’t have any idea about a beautiful cake or they have not demanded anything from their side, presenting a designer cake to them will definitely perk up their mood. Daughters are always special to parents, and it is because they bring happiness and joy in the house. Celebrating birthday of daughter to the fullest is the desire of every parent, because she is the one that brings prosperity and good luck at home. If your daughter’s birthday is approaching and you are thinking for an idea through which you can cherish her mood on the very special moment of her life, then a better option of Barbie cake is waiting for you.
Gone are the days when round and square sized cakes were the only option for birthdays. The world of cakes is much modified now. Ranging from a personalized cake to a photo cake you can find many variant of cakes. The cake which is much favorable to your daughter as per age is nothing but a special Barbie cake. You can get it for her as a surprise or a gift that she can flaunt in front of her friends. Being a parent its always your responsibility to cheer her on the special day, hence if you are away you can send cake online and make her feel your presence through your special birthday gift to her.
The world’s most precious bonding is between the mother and her child. A woman gets complete when she becomes a mother. She is the only one who bears all the pain to bring us in this beautiful world and nobody can so much important to her than her child. for the one who bears such pains to bring us in the world you must make the day very special for her that day your mother had born. You must plan the best for making her birthday even more special and memorable for her. A mother wants nothing from her life but her child’s bright future. She never demands anything for you but yes she expects many things from your side and that is your time, love, affection and care for her.
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This year let your mom know how much she is special to you by celebrating her birthday in a special way. On your every birthday she makes a lovely and delightful cake for you of your choice so this year you delight your mother by giving her a surprise of delicious cakes on her birthday. You can make it yourself and if you don’t know how to make a cake then you can buy cake online that comes in much affordable prices. There you will get array of cakes in different types like designer cakes, special cakes, heart shape cakes, premium cakes, photo cakes, eggless cakes, regular cakes, 2-3 tier cakes and much more.
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Organize a surprise party for your mother with the best birthday cake for her. If you are far from her, then also you can give her a delicious surprise by sending cake to India online through online portals. You can avail the best services while sending cake online like no delivery charges, one day delivery, mid night cake delivery etc. choose one of the reliable online cake stores that fit your needs and send cakes to India online.
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You can choose from the variant flavors like chocolate, butterscotch, coffee, vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, mango, black forest and much more. Pick her favorite cake and give a delicious surprise her on her birthday. This would be one of the best gifts for your mother from your side if you will do it yourself at online sites you will also get best ideas on how to make cake. So this year on your mum’s birthday send your love with cake and make her birthday even more special with your luscious surprise for her.
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