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Hello everyone:
Tell you a good message. Kingsoft Office for Linux A11 is prepared. We will release it at 2013-7-10 9 o'clock UTC(+0000).

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Good news!
What's new in A11? Which bugs fixed? Is there a timeline for Beta? Release candidates? Final version?
jethro1963 wrote: What's new in A11? Which bugs fixed? Is there a timeline for Beta? Release candidates? Final version?

Release candidates is preparing.
We had released B1, last year(B1 do not support English). We call unstable version as alpha, stable version as beta. Next beta version will be B2 after several patched versions.
Final version has much thing to do. We have lots of functions missed in Linux version.
Hello every.
I'm sorry.
We take some mistake.
So the release time of A11 is delayed half an hour at most.

Kingsoft office can be used on Android mobile phones, tablets and laptop. It's not only a free application but also an useful application that can prove to be very productive.
What's new:
Fixed the crash issue while checking the printer information after adding or deleting a printer during program run.
Fixed Kingsoft Office was unable to open the specified file while dragging the file to the main editing area.
Fixed Kingsoft Office was unable to add custom spelling check dictionary of Hunspell format.
Fixed European character with 'All Cap' setting not take effect in Kingsoft Office.
Fixed the crash issue caused by error text string format in some cases.
Fixed the text display issue when some controls access to the wrong color in some specific system color theme.
Fixed the suffix of the file name cannot be changed according to the selected file format in the native Save As dialog of Gnome desktop.
Fixed the values error of the width and height for images while saving as DOCX format in specific language area environment in Kingsoft Writer.
Fixed images missing while saving as MHT files format in Kingsoft Writer.
Fixed no recovery modify flags and editing view issue when file recovery after a crash in Kingsoft Writer.
Fixed the issue of not filtering CJK vocabularies that are not supported when checking spelling in Kingsoft Presentation.
Fixed content is empty when pasting text in HTML format in Kingsoft Presentation.
Fixed the crash issue while opening some specific files with charts in Kingsoft Spreadsheets. ... -touchwiz/
Even with a name like Sin City, there are some recent headlines that hard to believed Dr.Engineer :lol:
Fantastic ... Kingsoft is reaaly a good application. I use it android also.

Support for norton setup
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