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Ade Malsasa Akbar wrote: Hello developers,

I have installed A12 yesterday and it is so good in UI. I wanna say thank you so much for this great software, Kingsoft Office. It helps me finish all my homeworks in Microsoft Office. I wonder of Kingsoft Office compatibility with DOC and friends, better than Libreoffice. And wonder how same all of the menu with Microsoft Office, functionally and graphically. Do you know? Indonesia Linux users are very pleased to use Kingsoft Office! You can see how many people recommend it on every Linux group in Indonesia (hundreds of groups in here). Very glad to know and to use it. Thank you so much, Developer. Thank you from Indonesia.

PS: ahrsa above is my dear brother from Indonesia.

Hi Ade,
Very happy to hear that and thanks for your feedback! :D
We have noticed that the number of users from Indonesia is large. Do you know some Linux group ? Some time we need to promote our products and get the feedback.
Just downloaded a20
still having the arabic problem
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