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You finally heed the call to hire a professional mover company as against doing it yourself. That’s a step in the right direction. The hassles involved when you move can take a toll on your physical well-being and make the experience unpleasant.

However, I urge you to read on and learn what you can do to make this process as enjoyable as possible.

Be Prepared for your Movers
Firstly, you need to be prepared for the pros before worrying about what to do while they are packing your stuff. Here are the things that need to be done to prepare for the professional movers and packers:

• Pack only items that are worth it
Make sure you inventory your home long before the movers arrive and leave only stuffs you want to take with you at all cost. To cut moving expenses, save ample time and money in the long run, discard unwanted things.

• Defrost and clean up your fridge
There’s no way this can be done on the moving day because it takes up to 8 hours, even if you choose to do it after the move. This should be done days before the movers arrive, that way, you’re lessening the tasks to be done on the D-day.

• Packing of Essential Boxes
Pack essential boxes and mark them if possible to know what is in each that would help you a great deal when unpacking at your new location. The movers would appreciate it more for making their job so easy.

Just before they get to work–packing your belongings and putting them into the moving van– there are a couple of very important things that should be done to guarantee an effective packing job that’s quick and less cumbersome.

Heartily welcome your movers. Walk the movers around your home and tell them what needs to be packed and loaded into the van. This will give them a pretty good idea of what their expectation should be from the in-home visual inspection, they carried out before they issued you with price quotes. It’s your responsibility to provide full and accurate information without holding back on any critical details.

Cut Down on your Move time
Movers have already started their work and they don’t need your supervision to get it done the right way; they already know what to do, but they may need you to answer some question or provide some specific instructions. Again, you’ll be required to review and sign some papers as they progress with the job.

Here are the things you should do when the mover are doing their job to cut down on move time, and in the process, save money. Have it at the back of your mind that reduction in move time by even one hour can save up to one hundred dollars, or sometimes more.

If you truly want to reduce move time and save cash in the process, then packing the stuffs that are easy to pack in your home should be on your consideration—shoes, books, and clothes. When you do such, the packers will have less time packing the heavier things in the house.
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