Hi friends,

We are the WPS Office Linux development team. WPS Office is a huge project with more than 10 million lines of code. The WPS Office Windows team has hundreds of developers while we only have a few. To provide an overall better product for Linux users, we are in urgent need of more developers and administrative staff to maintain and expand the community.

We want to keep WPS Office Linux free forever. We want more and more people to use it for free under Linux and Unix-like system. More importantly, we don't want to resort to ads. It's annoying, we don't like it, and we think you won't, either.

Donations are the only way that we have to offset our financial cost without compromising product quality and user experience. If you like us, if you like our product, please consider making a donation to help us. With your contribution, we can recruit more developers and make our product better, for you.

Thanks for being awesome and using WPS Office for Linux!


Need help?

If you have any problems, please contact us at: